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The more than one hundred thousand pieces within the Pamplin International Collection of Art and History are divided into the following categories:WILD WEST: From Bob Dalton’s pistol and Wyatt Earp’s spurs to objects associated with the Indian Wars, Buffalo Bill, Billy the Kid, and the great American western flm genre, this portion of the Pamplin Collection tells the stories of conficts and commotion in the American west. It also includes paintings and illustrations by major fgures in western art.GEORGE WASHINGTON: The Pamplin Collection contains numerous items of Washingtoniana, including commemorative medals, porcelain, and art, as well as Emanuel Leutze’s study for his great painting, Washington Crossing the Delaware, and one of Gilbert Stuart’s Athenaeum portraits of Washington.CIVIL WAR: The Pamplin family owns the fnest collection of Civil War materials in private hands. It is particularly strong in items relating to soldiering (uniforms, guns, tools, etc.). This collection is shown at Pamplin Historical Park and The National Museum of the Civil War Soldier in Petersburg, Virginia.  In 2012 the Civil War Trust honored the Park and Museum as the Civil War Discovery Site of the Year. Visit our website at HISTORY: Weapons and equipment from the Revolutionary, 1812, Civil and Indian Wars, and World War II form just part of the substantial military elements of the Pamplin Collection. Included in this deep resource is a particularly fne collection of Buffalo Soldier materials, as well as items relating to General George Armstrong Custer.  Some of America’s earliest weapons are held in the Collection.FINE ART / EUROPEAN ART/ ILLUSTRATIONS: The Pamplin Collection encompasses several facets of European and American art history.  It includes works by Rembrandt, Domenichino, Procaccini, Gainsborough, Sargent, Stuart, Leutze, Benson, Shahn, Knight, and other famed artists, as well as hundreds of representative pieces from some of America’s fnest illustrators. NATIVE AMERICAN: Several hundred superb examples of historical clothing, domestic items, weaponry, and items of adornment, along with contemporary work by nationally recognized artists, comprise the Pamplin Collection’s Native American holdings.CHINESE ART: Spanning a period of 5,000 years, the Asian section of the Pamplin Collection illuminates much of Chinese history. Hundreds of superb artifacts provide a record of how this ancient culture dressed, what was worn into battle, and even what animals and items were held in high regard. Pieces from this part of the Collection have been exhibited in museums nationwide.FURNITURE and DECORATIVE ARTS: The Pamplin Collection includes American and English furniture and silver, comprising several thousand domestic items and decorative arts from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Many of the fnest craftsmen and workshops are represented in the Collection.

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